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Sally Eagle Bridal Boutique

Relaxing and private, a safe haven for the bride to be


Wellington: 287 Jackson Street Petone

Taking in Sally's full range of dresses comes immediately after being welcomed. You will have the time to go through Sally's entire collection in an environment that will add to the excitement of the journey towards your big day.

A private change area and comfortable couches for your guests will help you show off each beautiful creation to your party as you all relax with hot drinks or a glass of bubbles . There is no limit to your entourage but the area comfortably holds you and four guests, Feel free to invite your friends and family to ooh and aah over how you look in each dress until you find the perfect one.

We only accommodate one bride to be at a time so you will have our full attention. It is important to book ahead if you are looking to try dresses on. This ensures that you have the full attention of Sally or her trusted bridal consultant as she takes you through a tailored experience to find your perfect wedding dress. You can book a consultation here, or call the boutique on 027 305 6224.

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